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Club airy touch cheek and lip orange

These days I prefer  luster face to pearly shining face.

Therefore I sometimes putting on a drop of oil for finishing putting on make up.

I had a good chance to find this shimmer cheek.  This is gel cream type.

You can get naturally and cute  face easily to use this.  Also color variation is quite good.

The make up  trand in Japan is putting on shimmer cheek below eyes. Not normal area.  This cheek is completely much with trand make.

I smudged different products five times.

 HELP ME!! When finding mistakes in my English, will you correct them?


Good Cosmetic stores in Osaka Japan part-2

 Hi How are you doing?


  Do you have any plan to come to Oosaka in Japan?

  Around Oosaka station(JR), Umeda station (city subway), three big department stores have each cosmetics floor.

  Hankyu Department store Umeda Main store

  Hankyu Umda has  the largest cosmetics floor in west Japan. The number of cosmetics brands  is over 50!!  Many working women go there after working time.  Therefore you should set your schedule to go there in the morning to avoid crowded time. The floor’s atmosphere is luxurious and  splendid.

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store Brand index in English

  Japanese version floor guide show more brands correctly.

  Hanshin Department store

  Personally I think the strong point of Hanshin Department store is food floor.  You can get fabulous foods.  However cosmetics floor is also good because beauty advisors are very kind and friendly.  You can buy cosmetics with relax attitude. The floor is old style a little bid. The number of cosmetics brands  is over 25.

  Daimaru Umeda

  The number of cosmetics brands is over 30!  The floor is remodeled recently.  You can feel clean and gorgeous atmosphere.  The lightning is quite good.

  Please enjoy your self in Osaka!!

  HELP ME!! When finding mistakes in my English, will you correct them?


Diorskin Star

Dior official website

How are you doing?

When I manage to make up my skin perfectly, I feel so good and can have strong confidence.

Therefore I always check foundations, I tried Dior Skin Star this time.

Putting on this I used blender sponge.

I could get radiant and flawless skin!!

However after three hours ago my face color changed from beautiful cream color to red and black.

I should mix this with  bright color primer or control color liquid.

I’ll post  my result of reserch about blending with them, someday.

<Risa’s review +7 is perfect>
Cost performance +4
Effectiveness    +4  
Looks of package  +5
to feel Gorgeous  +3

200JPY/1ml  (list price 6000JPY.  30ML)

When finding mistakes in my English blog, will you correct them?

Make up for dewy glowing skin -without meaningless process

Good evening! This post is from Risa in Japan.

Tonight, I’d like to recommend this video, which is how to make up for dewy glowing skin using only drugstore coosmetics.

Although Katerina in this video has beautiful figure by natural, her make up technique is brilliant.
Because her make up is without meaningless process!!Plus her happy appearance is so nice.

HELP! When findding mistakes in my English blog, will you correct them?

Good Bye cosmetics 2 YS# Dare to glow #003

Good evening!  How are you doing?

I bought YS# ILUMINATOR DARE TO GLOW #003 to make glow skin a few years ago.

To be frank, it was defficult to use this.  I tried to mix it with foundation primer or liquid foundation many times, but they could not be mixed.

I also use this under my eye zone to bright, but it was too strong shimmering for me.

Good bye YS# DARE TO GLOW.

Do I need contouring??

Good evening! How are you doing?

I love watching foreign make up videos.  I found the different part between foreign videos and Japanese ones  is contouring.

I don’t know old ladies around me who  do contoure.They don’t care about their flat faces. But it’s popular for young women to use blonzer. 

I like contouring because my face is looked small!! I think I need contouring for me.

But I worried ‘ do I wear thick or strong make up? Like a beautician at a department cosmetics counter.’  I asked my husband, he replied ‘your make is  natural’.  But I don’t trust his word.

I’ll keep looking for nicer and more natural blonzer.

Now, I ‘m interested in Filmstar Killer Cheekbones Light to Medium by Charlotte Tilbury .

Softymo cleansing liquid honey mild in Japanese

Good evening! Risa is here!!

I found an interesting article in magazine;President woman Dec.

Rich working women in Japan who earn over 6million JPY a year spend  money for cosmetics 18,310 JPY a month.

Not rich working women who earn under 2.4million JPY a year spend money for cosmetics 6,401 JPY a month.


What do you think about it ?

I looking for cosmetics which is low-costed and high performance.

Tonight, I’ d recommend Softymo Cleansing liquid honey mild.

After I use this product I recognized this is low-costed but quite well.

And it’s also good it is in pump container. 

<Risa’s review +7 is perfect>
Cost performance +6
Effectiveness    +4  
Looks of package  +2
to feel Gorgeous  +2

3 JPY/1g  (list price 680JPY.  230ML)

Panasonic pore cleanser

indiatimes shopping
Good evening!  Risa is here!! 
I want some people who have clogged pores to use this product.
Panasonic Pore cleanser.  I don’t  focus on looking pores on a friend face, 
But somehow I look at them. 
After using this I feel the pore care effect is not better than treatment at a beuty salon.  But I can get rid of my clogged pores on my nose. 
When you use it, you should  take in the correct amount of electricity, if it having smaller charge, the suction power becomes lower. 
And you need cleaning the disassembled divise. 
If you are worried about your clogged pores, you should try it!!

Gorgious Radiance Skin for Wdding Make up

Good evening!  Risa is here!!

I found a nice wedding make up video.  I was surprised at each cosmetic which has decent radiant effect!!

I can not get the products in Japan.  If I were rich, I would ask this artist to put on my  make up.

Check it !!

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