Rika                                                                                                            Barbie


Hi, how are you doing?

I got two Barbie dolls for my daughter and me through on- line auction.   The price was only 1500 yen for 2.  They are not vintage nor the newest ones .  They are made 1991-2000.

I choose two dolls from 150 dolls.  The reason that I  picked up them,  their face are so beautiful.  After I’ll buy  some new out fit, and custom their faces and  bodies, I’ll up their photos.

Rika-chan doll is more popular than Barbie in Japan .  When I was a child I played with  Rika-chan, because I had negative images, Barbie  was strong, unhappy, big and more.

However, I really think they are gorgeous and have perfect  beauty balance now.  Barbie gives me power and desire.  Actually my posture is better,  I can keep going  gym for working out.

I’ll post about fantastic  Barbie make up for dolls and real lady  next week.

HELP ME!! When finding mistakes in my English, will  you correct them?