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Yesterday,  I went a hair salon to straighten my bangs .  My curl is not so strong, but when I  look at  my  curly hair in a mirror , my feeling is  going  down.  Because I feel the style is not sofiscated.

Have you ever felt like that?  If you come to Japan, you should  try a Japanese hair salon.  Because, I think  beautician’s cut technique is quite nice!!  They are good with their hands.  Especially Straighten technique is amazing.   Thesedays natural and stright hair is  trend.  Not too straight.

My recommend hair salon in Oosaka is here!


A one

This salon is going to  select a course mutching with you  from several straighten hair courses.  I don’t know they welcom foreighners  well.  However you should try, if you can.   Beauticians are are kind and  listen well our orders.  You can get good memory in Japan.

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