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color contct lenses

Hi, how are you doing?

I try to find new fine color contact lenses these days!!

We can get 750 types lenses from web shops in Japan. They are not for only teenagers but also 30s and 40s.  Some of them are  more natural and elegant.

One day type 10 lenses/ one pack is 1700 JPY approximately.   They are made in China, Korea and Taiwan,  so we can get them not too expensively.

My favorite type is natural and colored green or gray.

JL.o wears beautiful color lenses.  It’s orange and brown.  Her simple makeup and color contact lenses are good combination!



Next time, I’ll show you my favorite products!

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Barbie make up video

Hi, how are you doing?
These days I enjoying watching barbie make up videos.
Many people enjoying bold make up, I’m interested in that and feel funny.

Retouched Barbie face

Hi, how are you doing?

My Barbie is here!!




I retouched her face.  I did first time.

When I look at her, the parts balance on her face is so important.

And I’ll share with three videos from you tube on next log.  You’ll have a fun time.


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Barbie face

Rika                                                                                                            Barbie


Hi, how are you doing?

I got two Barbie dolls for my daughter and me through on- line auction.   The price was only 1500 yen for 2.  They are not vintage nor the newest ones .  They are made 1991-2000.

I choose two dolls from 150 dolls.  The reason that I  picked up them,  their face are so beautiful.  After I’ll buy  some new out fit, and custom their faces and  bodies, I’ll up their photos.

Rika-chan doll is more popular than Barbie in Japan .  When I was a child I played with  Rika-chan, because I had negative images, Barbie  was strong, unhappy, big and more.

However, I really think they are gorgeous and have perfect  beauty balance now.  Barbie gives me power and desire.  Actually my posture is better,  I can keep going  gym for working out.

I’ll post about fantastic  Barbie make up for dolls and real lady  next week.

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Bifesta Mandom

Hi, theres.

Some people loves cleansing water; Bioderma, Garnier,kohgendo and more.

We can’t  get these famous brands in a drug store near my house in Japan.

However we manage to nice cleansing water bottle. The name is Bifesta which is a  skin care line from Mondom; a famous hair and  skin care products  company in Japan.

Bifesta has not nice aroma or new effectiveness, I think.  I can tell it has some  good advantages ,low-priced and reliable.  I recommend this for daily skin care products .


approx. 850JPY

Bubble cleansing foam with carbonic acid is also famous from this brand.


approx. 600JPY

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RMK classic film cheek

I have used orange cheek ;one type from spring to summer.  It’s getting cooler, I want to change the colors on my face.  I found nice cheek at  Takasimaya; a famous department in Osaka.  However some colors are sold out.

What the good point?

First, the colors are delicate and sophisticated.  I can’t  find these colors.

Second, the longevity is quite nice because they are thick liquid type.

I recommend these cheek for changing your face and your feeling!!




HELP ME!! When finding mistakes in my English, will you correct them?

straighten hair

Hi, how are you doing?

Yesterday,  I went a hair salon to straighten my bangs .  My curl is not so strong, but when I  look at  my  curly hair in a mirror , my feeling is  going  down.  Because I feel the style is not sofiscated.

Have you ever felt like that?  If you come to Japan, you should  try a Japanese hair salon.  Because, I think  beautician’s cut technique is quite nice!!  They are good with their hands.  Especially Straighten technique is amazing.   Thesedays natural and stright hair is  trend.  Not too straight.

My recommend hair salon in Oosaka is here!


A one

This salon is going to  select a course mutching with you  from several straighten hair courses.  I don’t know they welcom foreighners  well.  However you should try, if you can.   Beauticians are are kind and  listen well our orders.  You can get good memory in Japan.

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Sports Gym Open for 24 hours

Hi, how are you doing?

New type sports gym  was opened near my house, I can go there in two minuets walk.

What’s the new point?  I can go the gym anytime, because it opens for 24 hours.  The gym staffs came there in only from 11am. to 8pm..  Any other time is security system going on.  I was surprised  this system.  However I’m  happy I can use anytime.  Monthly fee is 7,000JPY.

I have done workout 6 times.  I’m a quiet person when I workout, therefore I’m feel  comfortable.


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Sayo Aizawa muse for EST

Hi How are you doing?

Today, I’d like to introduce Sayo Aizawa who is a Japanese model to you.

These days we can’t find stand out cosmetics commercial muses easily in Japan.

However, Sayo is a beautiful muse for EST.  Her has clean, cool, gorgeous and

sophisticated  image for me.




She married a famous baseball player at last after she had had a baby .

I think her image is going not good for people who have traditional thinking.

I don’t care about her personal life, I’d like to see her cool and dreamy  face!!

HELP ME!! When finding mistakes in my English, will you correct them?

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